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Pop with Amrita Sondhi’s ayurvedic flavours

New recipes from a Vancouverite – well a Bowen Island-erite!

I discovered Amrita Sondhi in June at Barbara Jo’s free event promoting the release of Amrita’s second book: The Tastes of Ayurveda.

The yam soup kicks ass and is easy to make.

The coconut mint chutney and cilantro mint chutney add marvelous pops with Indian curries and spelt chapatis (mine turned out like cardboard but I ate them anyway).

Try the raw date and currant chutney with roast chicken and yams.

Save yourself a panic attack and puree the raw ginger and carrot soup in a blender not a food processer. It looks more like a soup that way.

Then let the softness of the apple and cheese muffins melt away your worries.

The second book could have been enhanced with more of the dish images, rather than, for instance a ginger root photo next to the raw ginger and carrot soup recipe. Perhaps too, some extra steps for novices like me to avoid chapati disasters.

Both books introduce Ayurvedic principles to help you understand and choose the best dishes for your nature. So if you’re easily anxious (like me), ground yourself with warm, calming dishes. Or if you are the short tempered type, come to ease with cooling dishes.

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  1. Linda #

    I love the tip about blending the soup in a blender not a food processor!

    July 17, 2012
    • tastwitt #

      Hi Linda! Yeah, I was just too lazy to get my blender out unless I absolutely had to! :))

      July 17, 2012

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