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Preet Marwaha on reconnecting people with food

I still remember feeling awe-struck the first time I tried a loveheart cookie from OrganicLives a couple of years ago.

It was nothing like what I expected of a raw and vegan cookie (blah) and more like the snack of my dreams (all-natural comfort).

Once I settled down, the questions tumbled out and gave birth to a new relationship with food.

So it was a big moment for me last week when I met with Preet Marwaha of OrganicLives – a talented entrepreneur with a global vision.

Through OrganicLives, Preet is helping people reconnect with food that is alive: pure, organic and much of which is sustainably sourced from remote areas of the world.

“Our relationship with food and the choices we make around it today dictate whether we will live in health or poverty.”

Part of the secret to Preet’s success is in his ability to find these places with the best ingredients, support the communities there and then zone in to create marvelous dishes like raw, vegan sushi platters, smoothies and ridiculous desserts.

“When I’m making something, even if it’s a smoothie, I’m totally focused on the process. The world can fall apart and I won’t know.”

Just so you know, Preet is not out to convert anyone to the raw, vegan diet and many of the company’s fans are meat eaters, myself included.

In just two and a half years since they opened, OrganicLives is a growing presence in Vancouver’s retail stores and major community events like Kirtan Vancouver and Raw on the Rawk Living Foods Festival.

The signs are encouraging and Preet is preparing to expand into Asia and Australia where the conscious food movement is also firing up. He seems pretty relaxed about it all but it’s obvious that his passion runs deep.


OrganicLives’ main location on Quebec Street has been closed due to a fire breakout in the restaurant building. Check out their 451 Granville location, look for their products at places like Whole Foods and Choices or order from their online store. If you’re wondering what to sample, I highly recommend the sprouted Hunza Valley Granola and chocolate macaroons.

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  1. Linda #

    This morning I was running late for work, rushing around my kitchen like a hot mess. I don’t know why this piece caught my eye, I don’t know why despite my lack of time I sat down to read it with my cup of espresso. It is a beautifully written piece Tasleem, and I’ve slowed down my morning. I’m now “totally focused” on my breakfast and the world can fall apart around me- I’ll take care of that when I’m good and ready. Keep up the good work.

    August 21, 2012

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