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Beauty Detox Solution – really?

Typically, a book cover like this would make me roll my eyes – another glam looking model making false promises. Bah.

But my good friend who is as much into natural foods as I am suggested that The Beauty Detox Solution might offer answers to my sensitive digestion issues.

So I picked it up and surprisingly found myself annoyed, resistant to and challenged by this book, because Kimberly Snyder offers some inconvenient truths.

For example, I never knew about the importance of paying attention to the order and combination of foods I eat.

For optimal digestion, Kimberly says that breakfast and lunch should be our lightest meals and heavier, protein-based foods should be consumed at dinner.

Feels counter-intuitive? It’s not a new approach and Kimberley has backed up all her principles with her education, research facts from recognized professionals and her experience with clients that include major celebrities.

How about a beauty pairing rule like protein and starch do not mix?

OMG! That means our favourite comfort foods like cheese sandwiches, chicken and yams and granolas are more likely to cause traffic jams, bloating, aging and so on. But it works. I feel the benefits after experimenting (and doing some serious menu planning) with this rule for many of my meals this past week.

Beauty Detox offers three different beauty programs primarily focused on organic, raw and vegan foods, which don’t really work for me. However, her arguments on the negative impacts of dairy and animal protein on our systems have motivated me to further cut down these products from my diet.

Next beauty step for me is to have my morning masala chai with fresh almond milk or organic milk instead of regular dairy.

Now fellow beauties, I’m curious to know what your thoughts are on dairy and animal protein. Do you want to cut down but find it difficult to do so? I’m listening…

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  1. Linda Vittone #

    OMG! you know what? I also roll my eyes at books like these and I wonder how much is true, how much is air brushing and surgery? But thats me, I’m cynical. And I like cheese and wine so I would childishly resist any recommendations to cut these treats from my life. But I also care about my looks and I’m often tempted by detox regimes. I think I’m pro animal proteins on several levels- I’m a vet and I see how hard our Irish farmers work to rear happy animals and feed their families. Also, my husband is a former body builder and I’ve seen first hand the lean body shape achieved by a low fat, low card, high protein diet. I’ve also gone low carb, high protein (fish) and seen great results. So I’m pro animal protein…and low fat, limited amounts of diary. would I buy this book? No. But if she was selling shampoo, I’d buy it. Her hair is great.

    September 11, 2012
  2. tastwitt #

    I love your feedback :))

    I like that you have a different opinion about foods and are willing to express it. Totally hear you that there are good ethical farmers out there who make a living from rearing animals.

    Kimberly’s not selling shampoo as far as I know, but she did say that when she switched to this vegan diet, her hair went from limp and needing major chemical treatment to naturally healthy.

    September 11, 2012
  3. Linda Vittone #

    I really enjoy the variety in your blog- from detox beauty diets to interviewing the local fish monger. Keep it up. Every week I look forward to being surprised and having my mind opened a little bit more.

    September 12, 2012

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