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Forks Over Knives missing a balanced approach

At the same time that I watched the acclaimed Forks Over Knives: The Plant-Based Way to Health:

  • The news reported worrisome levels of a known carcinogen called arsenic in brown rice, which I eat almost every day
  • I dipped into the mind boggling debate around Genetically Modified foods and decided that all I need to know at this point is: no to GM foods and yes to California Prop 37 for mandatory GM food labelling
  • I ignored at least three different “foods to avoid and foods to eat” lists floating around social media sites because I can’t keep up.

So when the science-based film declared that a whole foods plant-based diet is the primary way to achieve good health – without much of a nod to the social/cultural complexities around making diet decisions or addressing humans as more than scientific beings – I checked out and went on facebook.

Turns out Forks Over Knives is on facebook too and they have a new cookbook out!

My point is that as old food systems collapse and more conscious ones emerge, the market place will continue to be flooded with all kinds of conflicting information.

Perhaps a simple and gentle way to travel through this transition is to support each other in defining what the next level of health looks like for us, hold each other accountable for our actions and above all, be THANKFUL for the food that we do have.

My next steps then are to ENJOY my morning chai with organic milk until I find a tasty plant-based alternative, and to keep my brown rice until I know more about where it came from.

Okay, so let’s start supporting each other. What part of your diet are you not comfortable with and what’s your next action towards change? Remember that small steps forward will lead to massive transformation.

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