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Heirloom gets creative and classy with vegetarian cuisine

I waited a LONG time to check out the new Heirloom Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant (2.5 weeks since the launch date) and was SO excited that I was the first person on their doorstep last Thursday at 4:55 pm, five minutes before opening time.

What I did not expect in this beautiful space was such charm and attention from owner/host Yogi Johl and my server Maria who cheerfully put up with my 101 questions about the menu.

The most popular dishes from Executive Chef Georgia Morley’s menu are the innovative vegan avocado frites with house made smoked tomato ketchup, and the vegan wild and foraged mushrooms. But since most of the items are designed for sharing, Maria and I agreed on the pasta dish.

While sipping my hot water drink, I cautiously took out my basic point and shoot camera and tried to apply the few things I’ve learned as a beginner.

Apparently LIGHTING is everything in photography so I played with some buttons, took a few pictures that were so bright they came out blank, randomly pressed more buttons and started muttering like mad. Eventually and awkwardly…….

My fancy hot water cup. What you can’t see are the grins and curious looks I’m getting from some of the restaurant staff.

Why oh why is this blurry? Pressing buttons a bit more furiously now and for sure the staff think I’m a nut case. I’m half tempted to abandon everything and bolt.

How can I bolt when my food looks so divine? Delicious pappardelle with de puy lentils, ale pomodoro, spinach, roasted shallots and peppered ricotta. Organic and all that.

I just keep taking pictures. Could have stood on my chair for a better angle but didn’t want to risk Yogi’s frown. He’s one of those large, tough looking types.

My best one so far? What do you think?

The dessert items looked WOW but will have to wait for another time because the food is quite pricey. If you’re on a budget, then I’d say Heirloom is the perfect place for treats and special occasions – in my case, I was celebrating a week of completed freelance work and some spare change to indulge. Their website seems to be under construction, so catch them on facebook.

Coming soon, more tastwitt gawky photos from @the parker, the other new and EXCITING vegetarian restaurant in town.

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