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Get your super nutrients with Rawsta Flora Chocolates

On Saturday, I sampled a local chocolate with two kinds of blue-green algae; superfoods that apparently nourish the brain in the same way raw cacao lifts the heart.

One algae was the highest form of aphanizomenon flos aquae harvested in Klamath Lake, Oregon. And the other was a more common one called spirulina.

The Mayan Oracle was good. My favourite was Chantale Roy’s Living Themple: handcrafted raw vegan organic hemp chocolate (sans algae). Something very smooth about it.

We talked about the chemical difference between her Rawsta Flora Organics Chocolates and a conventional brand like say, Green & Black. There’s no question that Green & Black tastes lovely says Chantale, a certified raw food chef and culinary arts instructor at UBC. But it does contain impurities that make your system work harder to release them.

Chantale’s chocolates, on the other hand contain raw cacao (also a super nutrient) and organic vegan ingredients that have not been heated beyond a certain temperature, thus maintaining the nutrients and digestive enzymes.

Does this mean we can happily chow her chocolates every day? Not necessarily. “Your inner wisdom will tell you how much is enough. Even though I’m a chocolatière, I don’t think chocolate, even raw vegan organic fair trade blessed and holy is a daily food. But when I indulge in chocolate, I honor it completely, freely.”

If you want to play more with chocolate, look for Chantale’s tirawmisu recipe in her 2012 cookbook Rawfreshing Cuisine.

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