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How to love FULL FAT Ghee in 2013!

Ayurvedic ghee or clarified butter is an irresistible full fat and highly nutritious Indian food – better than butter.

I learned about it at Chef Andrea’s digestible dairy class while devouring spiced ghee with freshly baked herb crackers.

Simply put, ghee is butter that has been melted to remove the milk solids and sugars so only the good fat remains.

Yes, pure fat that pacifies our restless souls and is chock full of healing properties to help us access our best and loving Self for 2013.

Ghee heals the body in multiple ways

According to Ayurvedic medicine, ghee stimulates digestive fire, cools the body down and strengthens our vital energy or chi.

Ghee helps to remove toxins, promote flexibility and moisturize your skin.

It nourishes your brain, sharpens your memory and creates a sense of well-being.

Those who are sensitive to butter or milk can often digest and benefit from ghee.

Ghee adds huge flavour to your food

I’ve offered a few suggestions on how to use ghee in your food. Get more awesome suggestions and recipes from US based Pure Indian Foods, which sells the highest quality ghee products (see more info in last section below).

This stuff is addictive folks and obviously high in calories, so have it like a daily sacred treat!

1. Saute and fry your foods and vegetables with ghee

2. Toss your baked vegetables in ghee just before eating

3. Butter your toast or crackers with plain or spiced ghee

4. Soak yourself in warmth and love with a teaspoon of ghee in your oatmeal

5. During cold weather or if your immunity is low, fast track your recovery with hot khichdi (rice with mung beans) topped with ghee.

Apply ghee as a natural remedy

1. Lovingly massage ghee all over your body to boost your immune system and slow the aging process

2. One or two teaspoons of ghee first thing in the morning followed with hot water works as a laxative and warms up the body. Or have two spoonfuls at night with warm, organic, non-homogenized milk before bedtime to soothe the nerves, lubricate the intestines and get the bowels rolling for the next morning.

Make your own ghee or buy it

It’s cheaper and easy (so I’m told) to make your own ghee. If you’re up for the experiment, use grass-fed organic, unsalted butter made by Golden Ears Cheesecrafters, available at the Woodland Smokehouse and Commissary or the more widely sourced Organic Meadow brand of butter (the cows are mostly pasture-fed but not 100%) and try this recipe. Let me know if it is as easy as it looks!

Or get the world’s first grass-fed and certified organic cultured ghee (and other spiced varieties) made by Pure Indian Foods. Purchasing them online may be your best option but North Vancouver’s Ethical Kitchen does carry the original flavour.

Have I missed anything about ghee that people must know about? Remedies? Recipes? Write in and share. Meantime, Happy New Year!

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