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Stay warm with meatloaf

Edible Vancouver’s meatloaf recipe with rosemary tomato sauce is the perfect food for staying cosy through the winter hibernation.

My variation of this dish included cumin, Aly’s ginger paste, garlic paste and green chilli paste together with most of the other ingredients. The extras add that pop and flavour to the food.

I took about twenty photos of the spiced meatloaf, all of which were unsuitable for posting. Hopefully the rosemary and glimpse of fennel seeds in Plan B’s display will wet your taste buds [grin].

If you know of any other great meatloaf recipes, please do share.

For the meat, I went with Redl’s all natural home-grown and extra lean beef. I suggest Eden’s organic tomatoes (no salt added) for the sauce and do add the suggested 3 tbsp butter (organic and unsalted) with salt to taste or it will end up too tart like mine did. You could pick Dreena Burton’s vegan gravy as another topping option too.

For the pasta, substitute no nutrient white spaghetti with Tinkyada’s brown rice version or your favourite vegetables.

While we’re all about comfort, I also made these smashing gluten free crackers/biscuits with fresh leftover rosemary. Curious? More soon.

P.S. Redl’s Home-grown Beef Ltd is a family-owned ranch based in Williams Lake, BC. They are hugely respectful of their animals, their products are 100% clean and taste wonderful. Look for them at select farmers markets in the Lower Mainland during the winter and summer.

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