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Great Bear Patties are a perfect “pick me up”

I made a special trip to Organic Acres Market last weekend to sample a new local and vegan chocolate-coconut-goji berry cookie.

Great Bear Patties are organic and delightful; very similar to macaroons with additional goodies like flax seeds, coconut sugar, cinammon and crunchy cacao nibs that lead to better poop as creator Tracy Lydiatt would say.  patties_instoreA sustainability specialist, Tracy chose the name Great Bear to reflect the company’s commitment to the health of our planet and its people. She has actually encountered black bears and grizzly bears in Nunavut near the Arctic Circle.bearThese cookies are guilt-free in the sense that every ingredient will nourish your body and soul. However, coconut and coconut oil are high in fat (the good ones) so if you’re weight conscious like me, then consider them a special treat. The patties are available at Organic Acres Market for $8.95 a packet.

P.S. Goji berries are a super food with the top 24 health benefits listed here.

Photo credits: Great Bear Patties

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