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Food visionary Preet Marwaha highlights more truths our food and health

Information about our food changes so fast these days that what was okay to have in abundance yesterday needs to be limited or banished today and who knows what the status will be tomorrow.

For example, I learned in Preet Marwaha’s food seminar this week that there’s no such thing as a high smoke point for certain oils. All, including coconut oil release toxins when they are heated.

And how about this: the labels we see on our organic egg cartons claiming that eggs are rich in the good Omega-3 fatty acids are LIES! Which chicken, asked the CEO of OrganicLives, produces Omegas?

Because Preet is one of my favourite and trusted food visionaries in Vancouver, I sat through my pricklies and considered that he may be right even if I don’t know I how I could quit my comforting oil and eggs.

That aside, Preet offered some thoughtful tips that could change our health and our lives.

Five Preet take-aways

1. Take 5 minutes every hour to breathe consciously. Most of us are not getting enough oxygen in our brains because we’ve forgotten how to breathe. This exercise will wake you up to life.

2. Drink 3-4 litres of water a day, starting with 1 litre first thing in the morning upon rising. Water is essential for our internal systems to thrive. Just this one step will radically improve your health.

3. Eat only organic food: this point can’t be reinforced enough by most nutritionists. Preet also suggests that the Environmental Working Group’s dirty dozen and clean fifteen list is not useful because any food with chemicals is simply harmful.

4. Celery and cucumbers are the world’s best and most under rated superfoods. Have loads (juicing is best).

5. Forget vitamin and mineral supplements. Most North American vitamin and mineral supplements are made by corrupt pharma-giants and are ineffective. We can get all we need from our foods if we eat right.

Upcoming workshops

If you like Preet’s approach, I highly recommend his free presentation on gluten this Thursday, May 9 at Galloways Specialty Foods store in Burnaby. Also look for Preet’s cooking workshops over the next few months to demonstrate how easy it is, say to survive without eggs and oil.

Stay tuned through the OrganicLives or Galloways facebook pages.

Meantime, as Preet says, the power of the people is always greater than the people in power. So keep an open mind, ask questions and do one new thing from the list of 5 above. I’m adding small cukes to my grocery bag next time.

Image credit: Alex Law

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