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Kimberly Snyder highlights the top 50 beauty foods in her new book

If I could, I would hire Kimberly Snyder in a second to guide me through a beauty detox program – just so I could have her body and master those funky yoga poses (you’ll see them in the book).

Seriously. She’s a nutrition powerhouse and the go-to nutritionist for Hollywood celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Josh Duhamel and Ben Stiller to name a few.

Her latest  book released in March: The Beauty Detox Foods is a stunning overview of the top 50 beauty foods that will transform your body (weight, skin, hair, eyes) and reveal a more beautiful you. For example:

  • Eat  collard greens to minimize dark under-eye circles
  • Pineapple is awesome for forming softer skin
  • Cilantro and parsley are tremendous cleansing and anti-cellulite foods

I’m pleased to say that I’ve incorporated quite a few of the suggested foods in my diet but there’s things like dulse and chlorella that I’m not super keen on trying right now.

The Beauty Detox Foods is an easy read but it is an information overload. I highly recommend it just to absorb some new information and check out the recipes. Take your time with it.

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