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Stay fresh inside and out with a natural foods diet and the right skincare

I think my facial skin is delighted with me for the first time since I started using Helena Lane’s all organic and nutrient rich Chamomile and Mandarin Cleanser and Argan and Ylang Ylang moisturizer.

These products smell gorgeous, feel so smooth and restore my skin in a way that just feels right. Every other conventional and so called “natural” products I tried usually had the opposite drying effect.

The process of experimenting with different natural skin care products, combined with turning 36 years old a couple of weeks ago made me think about aging in general. I’m not too concerned about getting older, but like you perhaps, I want to look and feel vital all the time and I believe that proper nutrition as well as the right facial products will be helpful.

Helena Lane has years of experience in the natural skincare industry and has made a name for herself by keeping her products purely organic, plant-based and with as few ingredients as possible. You can find out more about Helena in my first Q & A with her: Are “natural” skincare companies telling you the truth?

In this second Q & A, Helena shares some tips on how to slow down aging and is offering 15% off her skincare products online just for Smart Foodies! Enter this discount code THESMARTFOODIE at the end of the transaction.

Feel free to contact Helena for advice on which of her products, including facial care, hand and body creams and bath and shower items would work best for you.

1. Is there a connection between aging and nutrition?

Absolutely. Every organ and system in our body is ultimately fueled by the food we eat and the water (or liquids) we drink. If we eat nutrients that our body needs it will function better for longer, and that includes our skin, circulatory system and lymphatic system – all needed to stay looking great.

Keep these in shape and we will look better for longer. If we deny our bodies the nutrients it needs, our organs and systems won’t function optimally so will start to breakdown.

2. Is facial care necessary to help slow down aging or is that just a marketing myth?

I wouldn’t say it is necessary but it can help. Food, nutrition and water will make the biggest difference but good, simple, nutrient-rich products  (not just creams but cleansers, masks and toners too) can work wonders.

But beware, not all “anti-aging” skincare will help long term, lots of companies make products which contain ingredients that can adversely affect the health of our skin.

Always choose plant-based, natural products with short ingredient lists which you can understand. If the ingredients look scary they probably are!

3. Which facial care products are the most important?

I believe that cleansers are the most important because they have the most potential to damage and imbalance our skin.

When looking for great products to use always go to a health/natural food store where you will find the best products and knowledgeable staff to guide you through them. Again, my basic rules are always choose plant-based, natural products with short ingredient lists which you can understand.

Photo credit: Helena Lane

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