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Women Food and God Part 2: meditation as the doorway to freedom

In Women Food and God, Geneen Roth writes that “when you sit down (in meditation), when you listen, when you sense your body directly, there is what Eckhart Tolle calls an “animating presence” blazing through you – that which is God.”

Well, I’ve been meditating daily in the last year and a half and I have not felt this supposedly magnificent presence.

Likely because I have the same busy mind as cartoon dude that gets in the way all the time!

Even so, what I intuitively know without a doubt is that meditation is the most profound practice that I have engaged in.

The power of meditation

Because as Geneen describes, when you spend time watching the mind, you start to see what kind of tapes or tunes it is playing over and over again.

My mind’s favourite selections include entertaining shows by global characters, dramatic death scenarios, endless to do lists and small irritations blown up out of proportion.

And even if you get sucked into these tunes a 100 times during your meditation, you will start to sense that which is noticing the familiar medleys – the stillness that is apart from them.

With consistent practice, Geneen claims that you will start to love the stillness. Love the spaciousness. Love the peace.

What’s even more mysterious is that just by sitting daily, you’ll find your life changing in small ways and big.

For example, our practice might accelerate transformation in the form of crisis or triggers, to show us where the icky blocks to love are hiding and need to be healed – like some of the compulsions I shared with you in my journey with Marianne Williamson’s Course in Weight Loss.

Or you might find yourself realizing that you can focus more easily during meditation when you eat or avoid certain foods, and you start to better care of yourself because you see how everything is interconnected.

Yes, that’s what meditation does. Can you relate? Or are you ready to start this process?

Making choices

What I absolutely adore about Geneen is her honesty in sharing that even after decades of meditation, she was disappointed that her mind did not become an ocean of bliss (pressure is off)!

In fact it was as paranoid and frightened as ever, but she had a greater capacity to question it and could choose to lean into her quiet space or recruit the loving voice inside of her when she needed to.

When we are aware of our choices, there’s nothing or no one to blame anymore and in some ways that’s the hardest part for me to accept. I’m totally responsible for whatever I choose to attend to or feel when my issues have been exposed to light.

I also feel liberated knowing that if I choose to move closer to my authentic self as best as I can, then I might find myself aligned to love in ways I never imagined was possible.

Smart foodies, I believe that you want to make the best choices for yourselves or you wouldn’t be here. May your journey on loving real foods inspire you towards higher levels of integration and blazing love…if you happen to connect to it, send me an update please?

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