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What’s the story with going grain free?

Going grain free seems to be the trend these days, and I’m right on the bandwagon – for the most part.

Trust me, I used to be so attached to my grains, particularly sprouted bread and wraps and would dismiss anyone or anything who told me otherwise.

Until I reluctantly read the introduction to the Wheat Belly book that has been on the Canadian bestseller list forever. It woke up all my gnarly gremlins, but it made sense.

According to author Dr. William Davis, the wheat we consume has been hybridized several times over so it is far from the authentic grain that was grown way back when.

Today’s version of wheat is loaded with glucose and causes brain fog, weight gain, inflammation, digestive issues and a host of other chronic diseases. Sigh.

Other grains like spelt, quinoa and buckwheat are healthier options but need to be consumed in moderation as they are difficult to digest.

After further research, more sighing and listening to my body, I eventually weaned myself off of most grain and gluten products and follow a primarily paleo-friendly diet. It works for me. I feel healthier, more alert and emotionally stable.

So does Danielle Walker, author of the new Against All Grain Cookbook. She suffered for years with ulcerative colitis, a disease that attacks the autoimmune system, until she adopted a paleo-friendly diet focused on: grain

  • fish,
  • grass fed, pasture-raised meats
  • vegetables
  • fruit, nuts and seeds
  • healthy oils and fats.

This book has some wonderful recipes that will make it easier for those of you who want to reduce your grain intake but don’t know where to start.

Think banana porridge, breakfast cookies, citrus-cumin chicken and barbecue bacon burgers with rosemary-garlic mushrooms. There are also kid-friendly recipes.

You will likely spend more time cooking, yes. And it will likely be worth it.

Now if anyone or anything tells me I need to cut out my sweets and treats….

Feature Image courtesy of Grant Cochrane at

Cookbook image credit: Jennifer Skog

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  1. well written: ) I still believe that proper preparation of grains (IE fermenting and sprouting) allows for them to be digestible, and that grains are beneficial for many reasons. But it does work for many people to avoid them at least for a time. In the meantime, I ❤ my fermented oats in the morning: )

    October 15, 2013
    • Tasleem Bhanjee #

      Hey A, completely agree about the proper preparation of grains and neglected to mention that in my post. Thank you for the reminder. I soak my breakfast oats in warm water and lemon juice overnight every day. Very interested to learn more about the benefits of grains…:)

      October 15, 2013

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