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Wake up with spiritual medium and author Rebecca Rosen

Probably most of the well-known spiritual teachers I know of are committed to the smart foodie path: eating local, organic, non processed foods.

Because, as we all know, food can enhance or weaken our life force and thus affect the decisions we make about our lives.

Processed foods may leave you feeling tired, groggy and stuck in old habits. Clean food will give you that natural perkiness to help you feel healthier, alert and more intuitive.

Nurturing our spirit within

Its so important these days to nurture and sustain that perkiness, because time is speeding up, things change super fast and it feels like we are being kicked in the butt to wake up to our divine potential, rather than stagnate under the weight of earthly chaos.

How am I sensing this? Well, I follow many spiritual teachers and am hearing the same universal “wake up” messages with greater intensity and frequency. New motivational books are tumbling out like a tidal force and the teachers are tirelessly twittering, facebooking, writing and teaching their messages.

They say that earthly chaos is an ILLUSION and Heaven on Earth is possible, in fact it is the only REALITY that we need to wake up to.

I sort of get this and I don’t. Which is why repetition helps, and gifted spiritual medium Rebecca Rosen does a great job with that in her new book Awaken the Spirit Within.

Rebecca offers more clarity and confirmation by sharing messages from the spirit world, her client readings and personal experiences. She explains how we seem to go about life backwards and that to get back to truth takes reflection, courage and practice in making new choices.

Three truths from Awaken the Spirit Within

I think the most important thing that Rebecca reminds us of is:

Without first understanding and knowing that you are an extension of the creator’s love and light, you’ll never really resolve anything in life.

And what we might grapple with is this (paraphrased below):

Your primary purpose in life is to become a lighter, brighter, kinder, more loving spirit. The job, the money, the relationship will all fall into place when you have this direct experience of LOVE.

However, we have loads of support (paraphrased below):

In addition to your ground crew, the spirit world (deceased loved ones, personal guides and angelic beings) is so eager to help you fulfill your life’s purpose and discover lasting joy. All you have to do is reach out to them anytime, 24/7 and ask.

If only it was that easy to turn down our mind chatter and dial up the spirit world. But the book includes some practical tools and prayers to help cultivate our inner world, and get a sense of what incredible unlimited miracles we are all deserving of.

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