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Top 4 nut butters and chocolates just for YOU!

When my mum in Kenya recently mentioned that she had received a jar of delicious Canadian Nutella, English chocolates and almond thins as gifts from a friend, it took such restraint for me not to start about the dreadful oils, artificial ingredients and lack of ethics that goes into producing these foods.

If more people knew about the incredible eco-friendly and super healthy nut butters and chocolates available, Nutella would be a horror thing of the past. Truly.

Its my mission to make it easier for you to know which ones they are so that you can treat yourself better with these options and help to spread the word.

Yes, these treats are more expensive and less accessible than Nutella, but the companies do offer online shipping to many places and as demand grows, such foods will be more easily available.

1. JEM Raw Organic Specialty Nut Butters


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Don’t you want to try all these flavours: coconut cardamom almond butter, cinammon red maca almond butter, maqui camu super berry butter? Go for it. All the ingredients are raw and organic, plus the nuts have been sprouted so you and your kids will be nutrient-charged with just a little spread.

2. RAWTELLA (nut butters)


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Rawtella butters are also raw and organic with more traditional flavours like hazelnut crunch, hazelnut silk and chocolate almond silk. The nuts have been soaked but don’t seem to be sprouted as well.

3.REAL RAW FOOD BC (organic raw foods)

If you love all kinds of nuts, seeds and raw foods, save a bit by making a bulk online purchase from Real Raw Foods BC – an outstanding and fair priced distributor. They offer sprouted almond and hazelnut butters, as well as sprouted almond flour, which are not available in grocery stores including the local Whole Food chains.

They also have chocolate and wonderful snacks like sprouted granola and sprouted trail mix.

4. Giddy Yoyo Chocolate Bars


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Last week I wrote about the mother of all superfoods – spirulina – and I said it didn’t taste anything great, but how about tricking yourself into having it in a Giddy Yoyo chocolate bar?

The Giddy folks aren’t just about being certified organic and fair trade. Their chocolates (and superfoods) are nourished by mineral rich soil, the freshest spring water and grown in healthy, remote environments that have never known the existence of chemicals. You can’t do better than that.

They have 13 different flavours, one with banana, one with ginger and all the traditional flavours too.

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