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the smart foodie’s Top 5 Cookbook Gift Ideas for Christmas

There are so many cook/foodie books out there to choose from that are Christmas gift-worthy for you and your loved ones.

Maybe too many? To help you out here are my top five smart foodie cookbooks of the year.

Feeding the Hungry Ghost: Life, Faith and what to Eat for Dinner by Ellen Kanner (memoir style ode to veganism)

Even if you’re not vegan, you’ll enjoy this book, which was named one of the top ten vegan books of the year.

Award winning blogger Ellen Kanner has a great sense of humour and beautifully illustrates how we can lovingly use food to connect us to our bodies, souls and our communities.

She writes warm stories about growing up with foods, how she weaned herself off of 2 litres of pop a day, and shows us how we can truly appreciate the bounty, spices, flavours and aromas of home cooked vegan foods. Global vegan recipes are sprinkled throughout the book.

Your Irresistible Life by Glynnis Osher and Madhuri Phillips (Ayurveda)

New to Ayurveda? Check out my recent interview with these two contemporary local practitioners who guide you on understanding the constitution you were born with and what kinds of food and yoga practices will best support your body type. I highly recommend this for anyone who is wanting to deepen their connection inside and out.

Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry by Elana Amsterdam (Paleo-friendly)

I tend to favour more paleo-friendly books, which are typically dairy free, grain free and legume free. Most are also gluten free.

If you have a very sensitive digestion system or know anyone who does, Elana Amsterdam’s recipes usually have few ingredients and are very easy to follow. My only peeve with paleo food is that many dessert recipes call for too many eggs and that can be way heavy on the system.

Save with Jamie (Oliver): Cook Clever, Waste Less (world cuisine)

For those who are open to cooking with all kinds of ingredients, Jamie Oliver’s latest book is perfect for creating  tasty, nutritious global food on a budget: like secret steak and chips with green beans, eggplant daal or singapore noodles.

I love Jamie’s whole-hearted committment to changing the way people eat and he provides such clear directions in his recipes. Without him, I still wouldn’t be able to poach or boil my eggs properly.

The Power of Food by Adam Hart (raw and cooked vegan)

Many of you already know BC-based Adam Hart from previous posts I have written – here’s the latest. I love that Adam is all about adding good food to your diets rather than going through a major overhaul at once, which usually fails.

The Power of Food is perfect for anyone who is transitioning towards a healthier lifestyle and wants to learn more about the value of raw/vegan foods like the nuts, seeds and legumes featured in book. Check out Adam’s Lentil Shepherd’s Pie and Chocolate Cherry Chia Bread – does that not sound good?

Image credit: Jamie Oliver

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