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Your guardian angel is always three steps behind you

Would you believe that there are so many unemployed angels hovering about, dying to help us humans live happier, more joyful lives, but that we refuse to accept it or even ask for their help?

As soon as I read this in Lorna Byrne’s profound memoir Angels in my Hair, I hired all my angels and have been keeping them super busy with jobs.

Her book is amazing, I tell you. She blew me away with her stories of seeing and communicating with angels every day since she was born. She’s best friends with them, including Archangel Michael, whom many of you may already be familiar with.

The angels told Lorna at a young age who she would marry, how long she would be married for and what would happen in her marriage. It all came true and they were there to guide and comfort her imagesevery step of the way…still are.

We (most of us) may not be able to physically see and interact with angels like Lorna, but she says that “every single person has a guardian angel regardless of their religion, nationality or the colour of their skin, even if they have no faith and don’t believe in anything.”

Your guardian angel is there to help and love you unconditionally every moment of your life until you transition.

All you have to do to reach your guardian angel is ask!

Then be alert to the signs and inspiration from your angels. For example, she says, listen to that nudge telling you to go right instead of left. Or if you  are looking for signs, ask for a particular friend who you haven’t been in contact with for a while to ring you.

Since acknowledging my guardian angel and angel crew, I haven’t had any angelic visions, felt any gentle breezes or anything touching my hand, but I have experienced more comfort knowing that it is around me all the time even if I miss signs or can’t hear it very well yet.

I talk to it all the time and thank it for being with me.

What do you think? Maybe if you’re reading this post, it’s a gentle prod from your guardian angel to put it to work. So get going. If you would like to learn more, Lorna Byrne has written some great articles on her blog about angel wisdom. She’s also written two follow up books – the second is worth a read too.

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