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Mix it up this season with chickpea flour

Take advantage of this holiday season to show off smart foods made with chickpea flour, also known as gram flour or besan flour.

Chickpea flour has a strong, nutty flavour, dense consistency and is high in protein, iron and phosphorous. For food sensitives like me, it may be a little hard to digest so moderation is important.

What I like about these three recipes are the clean ingredients and simple preparation steps. Don’t we at least need that in our chaotic lives?

Vegan Indian chickpea crepes (Pudla)

crepesBring Bollywood to the table with these stunning, savoury chickpea crepes made with cilantro, green chilis and fresh ginger.

These are perfect for wraps, snacks and can be eaten for breakfast.

For a healthier version, reduce the amount of oil (use olive oil) required for the pan or try making them oil free.

Best devoured with mint coriander chutney: try this one or this one.

Image credit: Mallika

Chickpea flour chocolate chip cookies (grain free + vegan)

Incredible-Chickpea-Flour-Chocolate-Chip-Cookies-Grain-Free-Vegan-4Didn’t think it was possible to make delicious looking cookies with chickpea flour? There you go.

Looks like I’ll be making another exception to my paleo routine for these, and will certainly use them to show friends and family in Kenya that vegan foods can be spectacular.

Image credit: Oatmeal with a Fork

Rustic rosemary herb crackers

crackersI have a greater appreciation for herbs since I discovered how delightfully cheap and in abundance they are in Kenya.

Instead of gorging on processed, boxed crackers, make and share these creative, nutritious versions. They will also help to keep weight levels and blood sugars stable.

Serve with guacamole and salsa.

Image credit: Clean Green Simple

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