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New natural cheese brands raise Kenyan expectations for the real stuff

If you are hankering for more real cheese selections in Kenya, then check out these two upcoming local brands, which are free from unhealthy vegetable oils, butter, emulsifiers, artificial preservatives and flavourings (what a mouthful)!

Jan’s Cheese 

The small piece of young Gouda (a dutch cheese) I purchased from the Organic Farmer’s Market in Karen, disappeared very quickly at home because of its lovely mild taste and creamy texture, perfect with scrambled eggs.

The whole cheese milk is 100% organic and comes from happy, non-medicated, grass-fed cows at Baraka Farm in Eldoret. The cows only receive vegetarian supplements and if a cow is on medication, the milk is not used for consumption.

Other cheese ingredients include selected cultures, synthetic rennet and salt (sodium chloride and potassium chloride).

The company has also started producing mozzarella cheese due to growing demand. Join their Facebook page for upcoming details.

For purchase options, order online or via phone at Jan’s Cheese, visit the OFM in Karen and look for the products at Chandarana supermarkets soon.

Sirimon Cheese

These new cheese folks on the block are intent on raising the standards of cheese productionwheel and quality in Kenya.

Sirimon was co-founded in September 2014, by three gentlemen who love cheese, and saw a gap for local products that are healthier, affordable and can also satisfy those who tend to get theirs from abroad.

I was keen on all three of my generous samples of: mozarella, paneer and gouda. Feta and cheddar are also available.

Sirimon’s products are produced in Nanyuki and they source their non-medicated, grass-fed milk from small holder farmers in the area. The company has solid quality control methods in place to ensure the milk is clean and safe for consumption.

These cheeses are also made with vegetarian rennet and their natural attributes mean short shelf lives (about two months), so purchase in small portions and eat up while fresh.

Sirimon’s website and retail details will be up in the near future. To purchase, contact Khilan Shah:, 0723 600 740.

Feature image courtesy of Mister GC at

Wheel image courtesy of Sirimon Cheese
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