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Tamutamu granola bars are local, nutritious and taste good

My favourites of Tamutamu’s African-inspired granola bars are: pineapple coconut and almond cocoa (150 ksh each).

Both are gluten free and made with whole grains like local amaranth and organic quinoa.

The pineapple coconut bursts with organic honey, organic coconut oil, dried pineapple and cashew nut butter.

Tamutamu’s bars are made with primarily African sourced ingredients. Their foods, including jams and relishes are handmade and free of chemical additives, preservatives or useless extra stuffing.

The almond cocoa contains delicious nutrients like local organic chia seeds, almond butter, amaranth, brown rice flakes and cacao nibs. It is soft and light but also filling (their website will include details on this new bar soon).

Tamutamu also models eco-friendly practices: products are delivered in attractive, recycled packages and they are committed to reducing waste.

To order, contact Kristin Richter at

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