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Set higher goals with nuts about nutrition’s Heather Cuthbert

Heather Cuthbert is nuts about nutrition! It shows in her growing reputation as a nutritional therapist, and her wonderful food products like that stunning raw mango cheesecake.

After training at places like the Edinburgh School of Food and Wine, and the Institute of Optimum Nutrition in the UK, the Kenyan native returned home in 2014 to establish her business.

Heather is inspired, creative and passionate about helping you to reach your best health the natural way.

Nutritional therapy consultations

logoIf you’re overweight, over-stressed and experiencing poor nutritional balances, nutritional therapy may work for you.

It is designed to look at the body as a whole living system, and address health-related challenges through lifestyle and diet changes. Nutritional therapy is also beneficial if you would like support in achieving optimum health.

Learn more at nuts about nutrition, and book consultations with Heather at the Karen Surgery in Karen or Power Vibe Studio in Westlands.

Product bestsellers

All nuts about nutrition products are wheat, dairy and sugar free. Most are gluten free, except for the granola which can be made gluten free to order.

My favourites are the sukuma wiki crisps, gooey brownies, paleo crackers and granola bars. Start with the product bestsellers below, or check out Heather’s full product list.

1. DEHYDRATED SUKUMA WIKI CRISPS (with a cashew nut and red pepper coating) – Ksh. 350/45g

2. NUT BUTTERS (212g)

  • Pure Cashew Nut –  Ksh. 600nutbutters
  • Mixed Nut Butter (a blend of cashew nut, almonds and macadamia) – Ksh. 650
  • Almond – Ksh. 700
  • Macatella (a healthy version of nutella made with macadamias) – Ksh. 700

3. GRAIN FREE NUT AND SEED CRACKERS (Cashews, sesame, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, egg, mixed herbs and Himalayan salt) – Ksh. 600 /16 crackers

4. GRANOLA (450g. Made with oats, nuts and seeds)granola

  • Mega Omega (rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids; flaxseeds, almonds, pumpkin seeds) – Ksh. 900
  • Cocoa Buckwheat (Coconut, buckwheat groats) – Ksh. 900
  • Cashew Ginger Clusters (sweetened purely with banana) – Ksh. 900
  • Gluten free version available on request – Ksh. 1,200

Contact Heather Cuthbert

Phone: +254 722 305 876

Image credits: nuts about nutrition

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