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Refresh yourselves with Nude Essentials soap bars made in Kenya

Nude Essentials’ bestselling natural soaps include Lemongrass and Baobab and Tea Tree.

Like all Samira Khan’s handmade creations, these are made with primarily local and nourishing ingredients, unlike the artificially produced and cheap commercial soap brands.

Both bars are popular for men and women.

Lemongrass and Baobab smells brilliant and lathers well. Lemongrass essential oil suits all skin types, strengthens your skin tissues and makes your skin glow.

Baobab oil is a marvelous moisturizer and is known to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

Tea Tree is made with Sudanese shea butter, one of the best moisturizing and regenerating skin care products in the world. It is a natural sun block and protects your skin in extreme weather conditions.soap2

Tea tree essential oil has anti-microbial properties that can help with acne or strong body odor.

Beyond enjoying the benefits of Samira Khan’s bars, you will also energetically receive the love and care that goes into producing each soap.

How to Buy

Choose from more than 20 bars that come in fun shapes and colours. The natural colouring is made from foods like turmeric, cocoa butter and beetroot.

Look for a selection at Spinner’s Web or contact Samira Khan,, 0722 514 136.

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