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NEEd GELATO: Fresh, local and healthier

NEEd GELATO’s bestselling Chocolate and Wild Orange, Lavender and White Chocolate and Variyari (fennel/aniseed) flavours are flying out the door.

The local and artisanal brand opened just two months ago, with more than 20 interesting flavours using high quality local and organic ingredients as much as possible.

For instance, NEEd GELATO sources their unpasteurized and unhomogenized milk and butter from Kigwa Farm in Nairobi, where the Jersey cows are grass-fed and humanely raised.

The deliciously creamy milk is pasteurized (heated and rapidly cooled) during preparation and combined with refined sugar, butter and the natural flavour ingredients.

NEEd’s gelati are made fresh on a daily basis, have a short shelf life and are healthier than most related products available in Kenya.

The gelatiere behind this brand is Neeral Shah, a climate change strategist trained in Australia and the UK. She started making gelato in 2012 when she returned from the UK, out of frustration of not being able to get the good stuff she loved.need gelato

What was meant to be a fun pastime, became serious when local folks started demanding Neeral’s gelato. Encouraged by the response, she trained in Milan with the one of the best gelatiere’s in the field before establishing her brand.

NEEd GELATO is now venturing into fruit-based sorbets and is home-based. Check out their price list, contact Neeral for purchase inquiries and follow the company on Facebook for the latest updates.

T: 0732 599 083
Twitter: @needgelato

Image credits: NEEd GELATO



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