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PRI-Kenya offers organic products via local enterprises

Take advantage of Kenya’s abundant organic products like coffee, aloe secundiflora skin care, prickly pear jam and moringa and baobab powders.

The communities producing these products are trained and supported by Kenya’s Permaculture Research Institute (PRI), which promotes organic and sustainable farming techniques that work in harmony with the natural environment.

PRI’s Permaculture and Regenerative Enterprise program in particular, partners with local farmers associations, and women’s groups to establish ecological enterprises that provide a sustainable income, regenerate the environment and ensure food and nutrition security for the community (see below).

Support these great initiatives and increase the chances of mainstreaming permaculture farming in Kenya.

Rongo coffee (Rongo)

rongoThis AA grade premium coffee is available locally, unlike most Kenyan companies that export their best coffee. Plus, it’s likely the only local organic coffee in the market.

Expect a medium-dark roast with intense flavours and a strong aroma. A quarter kilo goes for 260 ksh.

Moringa oleifera powder (Rusinga Island and Kitui)

This is already a well-known superfood in Kenya and international markets. Moringa flourishes in drylands, grows well with other cash crops and contains ridiculous amounts of spinach, calcium, potassium and protein.Mango Smoothie with Bee Pollen

Two varieties of powder come from Rusinga Island and Kitui at 100g/200 ksh or 50g /150 ksh. Use it to make a nutritious mango and moringa smoothie.

Prickly pear jam (Laikipia)

jamPrickly pear grows like wildfire in the area and with little farming effort. The potential to harvest the benefits of this super food is huge, starting with prickly pear jam and possibly health juices, skin care products and plasters for natural building.

Prickly pear fruit is a vital source of minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. More info on the jam to come in February 2016.

Aloe secundiflora skin care (Laikipia)lush

Laikipia’s aloe secundiflora is a growing skin care wonder and is used in LUSH USA’s new Charity Pot body lotion in support of our Maasai women’s groups.

The groups are also producing shampoos, shower gels, soaps and lotions ranging from 120 – 150 ksh.

Baobab powder (Kibwezi)

Pawpaw SoothieCharge your Vitamin C levels by mixing a teaspoon of baobab powder in this mango and papaya smoothie. The powder also helps with weight loss, digestion and as a detoxifier. 1/2 kg is 550 ksh and 1 kg is 1,050 ksh. More info to come in February 2016.

Order and contact info

To purchase, contact Sheena Shah –, 0738 518 060

The full range of products, including moringa, baobab and prickly pear oils will be available in 2016. Stay tuned via PRI’s facebook page.

All images courtesy of PRI-Kenya except for the smoothies images provided by nuts about nutrition.

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