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Choose eco-friendly briquettes over smoky charcoal in Kenya

tom2East Africa’s cooking experience will soon become safer and more fun, thanks to GreenChar’s award winning, eco-friendly charcoal briquettes.

GreenChar’s nineteen year old founder, Tom Osborn, created the Makaa Poa charcoal in 2013, after the repeated discomfort of “lighting my mother’s jiko where my eyes would redden because of the smoke.” Read more

Mill your flours in seconds with KoMo

Written in collaboration with Galloway’s Foods.

The flours that you find on the shelves today are likely nutritionally bankrupt!

Before I say more, the good news is that it is now easy to mill your own grains (including rice, lentils, dry beans and spices) with some excellent grain grinders available at Galloway’s Foods.

I watched a demonstration of their in-store KoMo Duett Grain Grinder and Flaker and was enthralled to see the quinoa grains become fine flour in just seconds. Read more

Steamer-go-round: the smart foodie’s bewildering search for a “simple” gadget

You’d think that if one could make a rocket that goes to the moon, then little things like affordable and efficient vegetable steamers would be piece of cake and available anywhere.

You’d think. It took meĀ ONE YEAR of on-and-off hunting, sputterring and intense visualization to find what might be The Steamer. Read more