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Back to school power snack ideas for kids of all ages

In the back to school, back to work rush, have you been reaching for the fast, convenient foods that you know aren’t great but you just don’t have the time to figure out your options?

Especially when your kids are so nit picky about this food and that food?

Remember, as nutrition coach Adam Hart always says, the goal is to add more of the good things to your diet and eventually it will become a way of life. Read more

Stay warm with meatloaf

Edible Vancouver’s meatloaf recipe with rosemary tomato sauce is the perfect food for staying cosy through the winter hibernation.

My variation of this dish included cumin, Aly’s ginger paste, garlic paste and green chilli paste together with most of the other ingredients. The extras add that pop and flavour to the food.

I took about twenty photos of the spiced meatloaf, all of which were unsuitable for posting. Hopefully the rosemary and glimpse of fennel seeds in Plan B’s display will wet your taste buds [grin]. Read more

How to love FULL FAT Ghee in 2013!

Ayurvedic ghee or clarified butter is an irresistible full fat and highly nutritious Indian food – better than butter.

I learned about it at Chef Andrea’s digestible dairy class while devouring spiced ghee with freshly baked herb crackers.

Simply put, ghee is butter that has been melted to remove the milk solids and sugars so only the good fat remains.

Yes, pure fat that pacifies our restless souls and is chock full of healing properties to help us access our best and loving Self for 2013.

Read more