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Mix it up this season with chickpea flour

Take advantage of this holiday season to show off smart foods made with chickpea flour, also known as gram flour or besan flour.

Chickpea flour has a strong, nutty flavour, dense consistency and is high in protein, iron and phosphorous. For food sensitives like me, it may be a little hard to digest so moderation is important.

What I like about these three recipes are the clean ingredients and simple preparation steps. Don’t we at least need that in our chaotic lives? Read more

What to do with amaranth?

My gluten-free amaranth chapatis fell apart easily when I tried to roll out the dough and ended up in small higgeldy piggeldy shapes – nothing like the traditional round roti you would expect.

But they were deliciously crispy with a nutty taste. Even more so with a light spread of ghee or coconut oil as soon as they came off the tawa (clay pan).

Yet it seems that amaranth has not received much attention in the food world, particularly compared to quinoa. I think that needs to change. Read more

Superfoods: spirulina, maca, lucuma and mesquite

Why not take advantage of the increasingly abundant variety of superfoods that are “vibrant, nutrient dense and have tremendous dietary and healing potential” according to nutrition guru David Wolfe.

The challenge I have is that there are so many with all sorts of health benefits, it can be difficult to sort through the information and figure out which ones would work best for me. You know the feeling too.

So in this post (and for future superfood posts), I clearly list key benefits of a few so that you can easily read and mentally tick off which ones you would like to check out. Let me know if that helps. Read more