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What makes up a REAL cheese?

I know that so many of us like our cheese. Me too, occasionally.

But when I found out that rennet, used in aging cheese, happens to be the lining of a cow’s stomach I flipped out, and decided to do some research on cheese in case there were any more Halloween-like surprises. Read more

What’s the story with going grain free?

Going grain free seems to be the trend these days, and I’m right on the bandwagon – for the most part.

Trust me, I used to be so attached to my grains, particularly sprouted bread and wraps and would dismiss anyone or anything who told me otherwise.

Until I reluctantly read the introduction to the Wheat Belly book that has been on the Canadian bestseller list forever. It woke up all my gnarly gremlins, but it made sense. Read more

Peggy Kotsopoulos on Coconut

Just out in September: Peggy Kotsopoulos’ Kitchen Cures: Revolutionize Your Health With Foods that Heal.

If you signed up for the Thrive Forward program I wrote about last week, you may have seen Peggy in some of the videos as a nutrition expert.

Her book has so much great information on how to eliminate food cravings, boost energy and get younger with the right foods.

I loved her section on coconut and have summarized it in this week’s post with some recipes to help you feel better faster.

Read more