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Posts from the ‘Restaurants’ Category

Get a taste of country at The Farm Shop at South Lake, Naivasha

Shop for quality items at the beautifulĀ farm shop at Southlake, Naivasha, or hang out on the patio with a cup of chai and light snacks.

The patio overlooks Maria Sovich’s small farm, where she also runs her successful company, Kenyan Classic Preserves: hand made fresh fruit jams, jellies sweetened with apple, mustard, peanut butter and more. Read more

What’s so great about dehydrated foods?

If you can’t enough of the smashing desserts and snacks at places like Golden Aura Organic Eatery and Eternal Abundance, its probably because most of them include foods (particularly nuts and seeds) that have been soaked and dehydrated. Read more

Get slow food, fast at Slow Bean

Only four months old, Slow Bean Restaurant is one of the few community-oriented, zero waste places in town that serves healthy, affordable food.

Housed at the funky Nines Culture Club on 99 West Pender across from a big box theatre and fast food giants, Slow Bean offers simple vegan/vegetarian daily specials and brunch on the weekends. Read more