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Chomp Vegan Eatery is a ‘burbian treat

For the longest time, I did not believe that the Tri-Cities’ only vegan and gluten free restaurant could match similar places in Vancouver; even when the reviews consistently said otherwise.

Fortunately, I decided to test my smart theory in February and went around to Chomp Vegan Eatery in Port Moody, which was voted Best New Restaurant Outside of Vancouver Category in last week’s Georgia Straight. Read more

Part 2: What do these diets mean?

Folks, in Part 2 of 3 in this series (see Part 1 here), we’re checking out the trendy Paleolithic Diet and Flexitarian Diet.

If nothing else, these series should help to confirm that irrespective of what diet you follow, the common guideline in all of them is to build up on organic fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid processed, packaged foods and refined sugars. The rest is really about what feels intuitively right for your body.

Read more

How to have your meat guilt free

Local food policy educator Eleanor Boyle in her recent book High Steaks: How and Why to Eat Less Meat says that on average, North Americans are eating too much meat — more than is good for the planet or our health.

Most of us already know this. But Eleanor emphasizes that our earth cannot sustain itself for much longer if we continue to use up our vitality (health, land, resources, water, fuel to name a few) just to satisfy an excessive demand for cheap and toxic meat. Read more