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Heirloom gets creative and classy with vegetarian cuisine

I waited a LONG time to check out the new Heirloom Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant (2.5 weeks since the launch date) and was SO excited that I was the first person on their doorstep last Thursday at 4:55 pm, five minutes before opening time. Read more

Preet Marwaha on reconnecting people with food

I still remember feeling awe-struck the first time I tried a loveheart cookie from OrganicLives a couple of years ago.

It was nothing like what I expected of a raw and vegan cookie (blah) and more like the snack of my dreams (all-natural comfort).

Once I settled down, the questions tumbled out and gave birth to a new relationship with food.

So it was a big moment for me last week when I met with Preet Marwaha of OrganicLives – a talented entrepreneur with a global vision. Read more