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the smart foodie’s Top 5 Cookbook Gift Ideas for Christmas

There are so many cook/foodie books out there to choose from that are Christmas gift-worthy for you and your loved ones.

Maybe too many? To help you out here are my top five smart foodie cookbooks of the year. Read more

Wake up with spiritual medium and author Rebecca Rosen

Probably most of the well-known spiritual teachers I know of are committed to the smart foodie path: eating local, organic, non processed foods.

Because, as we all know, food can enhance or weaken our life force and thus affect the decisions we make about our lives.

Processed foods may leave you feeling tired, groggy and stuck in old habits. Clean food will give you that natural perkiness to help you feel healthier, alert and more intuitive. Read more

Madhuri Philips and Glynnis Osher on Ayurveda and their new book Your Irresistible Life

As much as I believe in Ayurveda (a natural form of medicine that originated from India), I am not one who could read books on it for long without losing the plot.

Until I viewed Your Irresistible Life, hot off the press in October.

Vancouver-based Ayurvedic practitioners Madhuri Philips and Glynnis Osher have made this book so accessible, relevant and interactive that I cannot wait to get the hard cover version and dive into it page for page. Read more