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What makes up a REAL cheese?

I know that so many of us like our cheese. Me too, occasionally.

But when I found out that rennet, used in aging cheese, happens to be the lining of a cow’s stomach I flipped out, and decided to do some research on cheese in case there were any more Halloween-like surprises. Read more

Madhuri Philips and Glynnis Osher on Ayurveda and their new book Your Irresistible Life

As much as I believe in Ayurveda (a natural form of medicine that originated from India), I am not one who could read books on it for long without losing the plot.

Until I viewed Your Irresistible Life, hot off the press in October.

Vancouver-based Ayurvedic practitioners Madhuri Philips and Glynnis Osher have made this book so accessible, relevant and interactive that I cannot wait to get the hard cover version and dive into it page for page. Read more

Q&A with Hannah Tunnicliffe, author of The Colour of Tea

In The Colour of Tea (2012), a most heartwarming novel, the main character, Grace, is a macaron baker.

She bakes all these fancy flavours in her new cafe, pouring her heart and soul into it and through this project gets to re-discover who she is in the middle of her mess.

The book got to me because, like I said, it was all heart and clearly written from a place of passion for food, writing and creativity – all the areas that I’m exploring with you on the smart foodie site. Read more