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Support our bees by having good local honey Part 2

It’s clear now. If we want a thriving ecosystem with vibrant foods, we need our bees and they need us.

One way we can show our immense gratitude for what they do is to avoid commercialized honey and consume only the quality local kind.

Brian Campbell, master bee keeper and producer of Blessed Bee honey goes over what kind of honey to look for and some of the health benefits.

And please try this amazing grain free Pumpkin Cake recipe sweetened with honey. I will make it again and again on special days only.

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Our bees need us: Part 1

Bees – our most precious insects – are in trouble in Vancouver and around the world.

Three years ago there were 12,000 honey beehives on Vancouver Island. This year there are 2,000.

One out of three bites we take depend on bees. We consume the honey that they make and we consume the crops they pollinate: kale, broccoli, cabbage, apples, pears, blueberries, thyme and basil, for starters. Read more

Eggs: yes or no? Q & A with Sondi Bruner

I’ve always liked eggs, but lately I’ve fallen in love with them, especially when I cracked three fresh eggs into my date walnut loaf last week.

It turned out to be more eggy than loafy but got me thinking about the whole debate around whether eggs are good for you or not.

I intuitively feel they are fantastic little gems but just to be sure I thought it wise to get local expert Sondi Bruner’s view on the issue. Read more