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My journey with Marianne Williamson’s A Course in Weight Loss

Have you thought recently about who’s driving your bus in life? Is it the voice of Love or is it the voice of fear?

And how can you tell?

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Food visionary Preet Marwaha highlights more truths our food and health

Information about our food changes so fast these days that what was okay to have in abundance yesterday needs to be limited or banished today and who knows what the status will be tomorrow.

For example, I learned in Preet Marwaha’s food seminar this week that there’s no such thing as a high smoke point for certain oils. All, including coconut oil release toxins when they are heated. Read more

Triggered by Milk

I never imagined that the thing I was longing for ā€“ milk ā€“ would trigger off a stormy inquiry into my relationship with food.

For months, Iā€™d been looking for a half litre of local, organic, whole milk; just enough to appease my craving. What I ended up with instead was a lot of confusion about the choices available even within the organic range. Since when did it get so silly complicated to buy the most basic foods? Read more