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Jasmine and Fire: A bittersweet year in Beirut

As I read Salma Abedlnour’s Jasmine and Fire: A bittersweet year in Beirut, I kind of get why the Lebanese food culture seems to be wrapped around comfort and spices.

Take the city’s signature breakfast of man’ouche: a doughy flatbread, hot from the oven, smeared with olive oil and a mix of spices called Zaatar (Salma likes hers with labneh, a creamy yogurt cheese). Read more

Three ways to use peanut butter (or other nut butters)

Could it be possible that peanut allergies, like gluten sensitivities, are more common in certain parts of the world than in others?

For example, a nutritionist claimed that people who can’t tolerate gluten in North America are able to digest it more easily when they travel outside, because North American food standards are among the lowest in the world.

Kenya may be another case in point. Kenyans adore their locally-grown peanuts and highly processed peanut butters. Related allergies appear to be under the radar and so are healthier alternatives made from almond or cashew nuts. Read more

Soul books for summer reading

While you’re recharging your body this summer with all the marvelous seasonal foods, you may want to also fire up your soul energy with these light but powerful books on your life’s purpose.

The main messages, as usual, are that its not what you do, but who you are that gets you into flow and purpose.

Heard this before? We could all benefit from hearing this again and again until the sheep come home.

So settle in your yard chair with chemical free sunscreen and dive in. Read more