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Part 3: Intuitive eating and Dr. Weil’s anti-inflammatory diet

Alex Jamieson’s latest article I’m not vegan anymore is a beautiful example of how our bodies talk through food cravings and deserve to be met with love and responsibility.

Alex and her husband Morgan Spurlock became public figures through their 2004 hit food documentary Super Size Me. A few years ago, after 13 years of being vegan, Alex started to crave animal foods, went through denial and eventually embraced a sustainable diet that honours her needs, the animals and our earth. Read more

Part 2: What do these diets mean?

Folks, in Part 2 of 3 in this series (see Part 1 here), we’re checking out the trendy Paleolithic Diet and Flexitarian Diet.

If nothing else, these series should help to confirm that irrespective of what diet you follow, the common guideline in all of them is to build up on organic fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid processed, packaged foods and refined sugars. The rest is really about what feels intuitively right for your body.

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