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Madhuri Philips and Glynnis Osher on Ayurveda and their new book Your Irresistible Life

As much as I believe in Ayurveda (a natural form of medicine that originated from India), I am not one who could read books on it for long without losing the plot.

Until I viewed Your Irresistible Life, hot off the press in October.

Vancouver-based Ayurvedic practitioners Madhuri Philips and Glynnis Osher have made this book so accessible, relevant and interactive that I cannot wait to get the hard cover version and dive into it page for page. Read more

How to love FULL FAT Ghee in 2013!

Ayurvedic ghee or clarified butter is an irresistible full fat and highly nutritious Indian food – better than butter.

I learned about it at Chef Andrea’s digestible dairy class while devouring spiced ghee with freshly baked herb crackers.

Simply put, ghee is butter that has been melted to remove the milk solids and sugars so only the good fat remains.

Yes, pure fat that pacifies our restless souls and is chock full of healing properties to help us access our best and loving Self for 2013.

Read more

Pop with Amrita Sondhi’s ayurvedic flavours

New recipes from a Vancouverite – well a Bowen Island-erite!

I discovered Amrita Sondhi in June at Barbara Jo’s free event promoting the release of Amrita’s second book: The Tastes of Ayurveda. Read more