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Healthy delights from Tanzania meet world-class quality Part 2

If you are a smart foodie in Africa, you may understand why I went potty over Irente Delis’ whole oat bars in Dar-es Salaam, and have to broadcast it in this second series of natural goodies available in Tanzania. See part one here.

The organic, nutritionally-dense bars are unique to the region, and made up of East African earthy goodness: local peanuts, baobab flour, fresh coconuts, bananas and dates, created by Austrian Johanna Omere. Read more

Preet Marwaha on why gluten is such a problem

If you can’t stand the idea of not having bread, pasta or other comfort foods that contain wheat, kamut or spelt for three or four days then you’re addicted to gluten, said food visionary Preet Marwaha at a presentation.

I didn’t think that one slice of organic sprouted toast a day counted as an addiction but perhaps I needed a reality check. Do you? You’re not alone, see. Read more