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Madhuri Philips and Glynnis Osher on Ayurveda and their new book Your Irresistible Life

As much as I believe in Ayurveda (a natural form of medicine that originated from India), I am not one who could read books on it for long without losing the plot.

Until I viewed Your Irresistible Life, hot off the press in October.

Vancouver-based Ayurvedic practitioners Madhuri Philips and Glynnis Osher have made this book so accessible, relevant and interactive that I cannot wait to get the hard cover version and dive into it page for page. Read more

Forks Over Knives missing a balanced approach

At the same time that I watched the acclaimed Forks Over Knives: The Plant-Based Way to Health:

  • The news reported worrisome levels of a known carcinogen called arsenic in brown rice, which I eat almost every day
  • I dipped into the mind boggling debate around Genetically Modified foods and decided that all I need to know at this point is: no to GM foods and yes to California Prop 37 for mandatory GM food labelling
  • I ignored at least three different “foods to avoid and foods to eat” lists floating around social media sites because I can’t keep up.

So when the science-based film declared that a whole foods plant-based diet is the primary way to achieve good health – without much of a nod to the social/cultural complexities around making diet decisions or addressing humans as more than scientific beings – I checked out and went on facebook. Read more