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Tea with Salma Abdelnour of Jasmine and Fire

What is it like to have a fascinating career as a food and travel writer and publish a great novel like Jasmine and Fire: A bittersweet year in Beirut (see my review here)?

Definitely a wild experience, especially if, like Salma Abdelnour, you’re open to eating haggis (sheep’s pluck), lambs brains and all things Japanese. Live vicariously through  her in this interview. Read more

the smart foodie travels to Africa

I’m in Nairobi, Kenya, where I was born.

It is taking some time to adjust to the conventional food culture here after living in a real foods mecca like Vancouver, BC. Perhaps my experience will help us all appreciate how much being a smart foodie can help to transform local food movements for the better.

Read more

Q&A with Hannah Tunnicliffe, author of The Colour of Tea

In The Colour of Tea (2012), a most heartwarming novel, the main character, Grace, is a macaron baker.

She bakes all these fancy flavours in her new cafe, pouring her heart and soul into it and through this project gets to re-discover who she is in the middle of her mess.

The book got to me because, like I said, it was all heart and clearly written from a place of passion for food, writing and creativity – all the areas that I’m exploring with you on the smart foodie site. Read more