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Mill your flours in seconds with KoMo

Written in collaboration with Galloway’s Foods.

The flours that you find on the shelves today are likely nutritionally bankrupt!

Before I say more, the good news is that it is now easy to mill your own grains (including rice, lentils, dry beans and spices) with some excellent grain grinders available at Galloway’s Foods.

I watched a demonstration of their in-store KoMo Duett Grain Grinder and Flaker and was enthralled to see the quinoa grains become fine flour in just seconds. Read more

What’s the story with going grain free?

Going grain free seems to be the trend these days, and I’m right on the bandwagon – for the most part.

Trust me, I used to be so attached to my grains, particularly sprouted bread and wraps and would dismiss anyone or anything who told me otherwise.

Until I reluctantly read the introduction to the Wheat Belly book that has been on the Canadian bestseller list forever. It woke up all my gnarly gremlins, but it made sense. Read more