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Food visionary Preet Marwaha highlights more truths our food and health

Information about our food changes so fast these days that what was okay to have in abundance yesterday needs to be limited or banished today and who knows what the status will be tomorrow.

For example, I learned in Preet Marwaha’s food seminar this week that there’s no such thing as a high smoke point for certain oils. All, including coconut oil release toxins when they are heated. Read more

Is your organic milk the real thing or a McMilk?

I used to think any organic animal milk was okay, just by virtue of being organic.

Not so, folks. In this post I share my big sleuthing discoveries on the organic milk scam and what you can do about it.

Read more

Choose veganic grains for Fall sustenance

Want to impress with your freshly baked goods this Fall? Or look forward to a 100% friendly piece of toast for breakfast (Sesame Sunflower is my fave)? Award-winning One Degree Organics has your back.

Every item is ORGANIC and VEGANIC and most are SPROUTED; which means they are more nutrient-dense, unforgettably good and easy to digest. This local, family-owned company is successfully pushing the envelope on veganic cultivation despite the challenges. More in my interview with Danny and Sondra Houghton: Read more