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Healthy delights from Tanzania meet world-class quality Part 2

If you are a smart foodie in Africa, you may understand why I went potty over Irente Delis’ whole oat bars in Dar-es Salaam, and have to broadcast it in this second series of natural goodies available in Tanzania. See part one here.

The organic, nutritionally-dense bars are unique to the region, and made up of East African earthy goodness: local peanuts, baobab flour, fresh coconuts, bananas and dates, created by Austrian Johanna Omere. Read more

East Van couple release whole foods cookbook for new and seasoned foodies

A really cool East Van couple with a passion for real foods have just self-published a great cookbook: This East Van Kitchen: A Fresh Introduction to Cooking, featuring vegan, vegetarian and meat recipes.

That Kennedy Telford and Kim Mulder don’t have formal culinary or graphic design training worked to their advantage, because they’ve goneĀ  all out with their creativity and talents in these areas. Read more

Back to school power snack ideas for kids of all ages

In the back to school, back to work rush, have you been reaching for the fast, convenient foods that you know aren’t great but you just don’t have the time to figure out your options?

Especially when your kids are so nit picky about this food and that food?

Remember, as nutrition coach Adam Hart always says, the goal is to add more of the good things to your diet and eventually it will become a way of life. Read more