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Posts tagged ‘holistic nutritionist’

Why are nut and seed allergies on the rise?

You’ve probably seen or experienced a huge increase in nut and seed consumption over the last few years, because more people are recognizing how delicious and healthy they can be.

At the same time nut and seed allergies are also on the rise. Why? My favourite go to holistic nutritionist Sondi Bruner offers her enlightening responses in today’s interview.

I’ve also included two of her tempting allergen-friendly snack/dessert recipes below. Read more

Eggs: yes or no? Q & A with Sondi Bruner

I’ve always liked eggs, but lately I’ve fallen in love with them, especially when I cracked three fresh eggs into my date walnut loaf last week.

It turned out to be more eggy than loafy but got me thinking about the whole debate around whether eggs are good for you or not.

I intuitively feel they are fantastic little gems but just to be sure I thought it wise to get local expert Sondi Bruner’s view on the issue. Read more

Heal your gut with probiotic-rich foods

I was reluctant to go near sauerkraut until my friend and fermented foods nerd Andrea Potter convinced me that her recipe would help with my digestion issues.

Surprisingly, the raw purple cabbage mixture was just as Andrea described: crunchy, vibrant, tangy and a major digestion booster.

I’ve been hooked since, and Vancouver smart foodies are all over it too. Read more