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Honey Care Africa sets the bar for responding to consumer demands with quality products

Kenyans asked for raw honey and Honey Care Africa responded with quality products, attention to customer service and above all, commitment to social responsibility.

If stories like this regularly made headlines in the country’s media, we would see a local revolution in enlightened business.

For now, I highly recommend Honey Care’s Kakuzi Hills caramel-like raw dark variety. I bake a ton with it. The other kind is a mild, acacia honey from Baringo for those who prefer more subtle flavours. Read more

Save energy and money with Cookswell Jikos

Kenya may not yet be ready to embrace Meatless Mondays, but perhaps we could do our green part by re-directing our passion for nyama choma (chargrilled meat) towards mboga choma (chargrilled vegetables) and healthy charcoal-baked treats?

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Choose eco-friendly briquettes over smoky charcoal in Kenya

tom2East Africa’s cooking experience will soon become safer and more fun, thanks to GreenChar’s award winning, eco-friendly charcoal briquettes.

GreenChar’s nineteen year old founder, Tom Osborn, created the Makaa Poa charcoal in 2013, after the repeated discomfort of “lighting my mother’s jiko where my eyes would redden because of the smoke.” Read more