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Kimberly Snyder highlights the top 50 beauty foods in her new book

If I could, I would hire Kimberly Snyder in a second to guide me through a beauty detox program – just so I could have her body and master those funky yoga poses (you’ll see them in the book).

Seriously. She’s a nutrition powerhouse and the go-to nutritionist for Hollywood celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Josh Duhamel and Ben Stiller to name a few. Read more

Beauty Detox Solution – really?

Typically, a book cover like this would make me roll my eyes – another glam looking model making false promises. Bah.

But my good friend who is as much into natural foods as I am suggested that The Beauty Detox Solution might offer answers to my sensitive digestion issues.

So I picked it up and surprisingly found myself annoyed, resistant to and challenged by this book, because Kimberly Snyder offers some inconvenient truths. Read more