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NEEd GELATO: Fresh, local and healthier

NEEd GELATO’s bestselling Chocolate and Wild Orange, Lavender and White Chocolate and Variyari (fennel/aniseed) flavours are flying out the door.

The local and artisanal brand opened just two months ago, with more than 20 interesting flavours using high quality local and organic ingredients as much as possible. Read more

Get a taste of country at The Farm Shop at South Lake, Naivasha

Shop for quality items at the beautiful farm shop at Southlake, Naivasha, or hang out on the patio with a cup of chai and light snacks.

The patio overlooks Maria Sovich’s small farm, where she also runs her successful company, Kenyan Classic Preserves: hand made fresh fruit jams, jellies sweetened with apple, mustard, peanut butter and more. Read more

The three most food smart and friendly grocery stores in town

You know you’re in a five star grocery store when:

  • the focus is on smart local and organic foods
  • the staff treat you like a friend and are transparent about their products
  • the store is small, modern and yet intimate.

So far, I’ve found only three food stores that have fully embraced this new way of doing business¬† – with authenticity and care. If you want a lift to your day or need to get awesome smart foods without getting lost in lonely aisles, go visit.

Read more