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Permaculture: the new trend in farming

All I knew about permaculture was that it was a sustainable way of growing foods.

It sounded complicated.

Then I met Eliza Smith and Sheena Shah, trained by the the Permaculture Research Institute (PRI) Kenya.

I learned that permaculture is an old, more conscious approach to farming that got lost along the way, and is now being revived all over the world.

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Three ways to use peanut butter (or other nut butters)

Could it be possible that peanut allergies, like gluten sensitivities, are more common in certain parts of the world than in others?

For example, a nutritionist claimed that people who can’t tolerate gluten in North America are able to digest it more easily when they travel outside, because North American food standards are among the lowest in the world.

Kenya may be another case in point. Kenyans adore their locally-grown peanuts and highly processed peanut butters. Related allergies appear to be under the radar and so are healthier alternatives made from almond or cashew nuts. Read more

Where can you get organic produce in Nairobi?

I badly want to believe my city market vendors when they tell me that their off-season mangoes (which I love) or plump shiny tomatoes have not been sprayed.

But the reality is that unless your produce has been labelled certified organic by an independent company like Encert, or you trust your suppliers, it has likely been sprayed with harmful chemicals and pesticides. Read more